CAIA, a sleeping beauty

When the Princess pricked her hand on a spindle, the fairies put everyone in the castle to sleep. The Prince Charming finally came and kissed the Princess; she awakened, and the rest of the castle went about their business as if they had not slept for one century. Artificial Cognition allows such miracles: a computer […]

CAIA, my colleague

Since 1985, I am working on the realization of CAIA, Chercheur Artificiel en Intelligence Artifice (an Artificial Artificial Intelligence Researcher). My goal is to bootstrap AI: the system in its present state must help me for the following steps of its development. Advancing in a bootstrap is an art, we must first give the system […]

The Singularity Part III

Overall, it does not seem that these arguments show that the existence of AI systems with a super-human intelligence is impossible. However, I am not totally sure that human beings will some day realize such systems, for two reasons, both depending on the limitations of human intelligence.   Firstly, have we enough intelligence to succeed? […]

The singularity Part II

Walsh’s interesting paper considers six arguments against the singularity. The fast thinking dog argument Computers are fast. I agree that it is not fundamental for achieving our goal. Intelligence is more than considering many possibilities as fast as possible. If one handles them badly, one can waste a lot of time. However, it can be […]

Symmetries Part I

Finding symmetries is often essential for solving a problem. However, it is necessary to specify what is meant by “symmetry”, to indicate how one can find them, and finally to show what they are used for. There are several kinds of symmetries. I am only interested here in symmetries that are associated to a permutation […]

Mathematics have disappointed me

  Since Gödel, we know that mathematics have limitations: some statements cannot be proved, and cannot be refuted, that is one cannot prove their negation: for both, no demonstration exists. Many works have been made for this problem, and they show that, in some theories, some statements are true, although no proof exists. Some of […]